Missing your Friends? Invite them to Play Taubola Housie Online!

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Missing your Friends? Invite them to Play Taubola Housie Online!

Coronavirus — a name which we all heard and feared the most in 2019. We all have seen lockdowns and some of us are in lockdown even this time. But life goes on doesn’t matter what! Yes, the danger of COVID-19 is there but it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with your buddies and play together. Taubola housie game is making this happen. It is a casual game that allows everyone to connect with each other and bring the fun in these disappointing times. This splendid housie game let’s you connect with your friends and have fun. Even, if you are a hardcore gamer, you will be surprise to see how this simple fun game to play with family can be your best game.

Introduction Of Entertaining Game — Taubola

Taubola is a wonderful game of possibilities. You don’t need any specific skills to play this game. All you need is the game to be downloaded from the play store or app store as it is available on both android and iOS. When you join the game, you will get a ticket that comprises numbers. The caller will announce some random number and if the number announced by the caller matches with the number of your ticket then you can win rewards. There are many variations in the game that can get you prizes. However, the best thing about the game is the fun that it brings during the game which can only be understood when you play the game.

Steps To Play Taubola Game Online?

Playing this housie game is quite simple, just follow these steps and you are ready to go.

  • Once you download the app register yourself and login with your ID or phone number.
  • You will get two modes: League mode and Private Table mode, choose the one you want to play.
  • You will also get a number of different game options on your screen which you can choose as well.
  • In order to join the game, you will need a ticket which you will get free of cost during the game.
  • When the game begins, you would be able to see the ticket number on your screen as the caller randomly calls for 3–4 seconds.
  • If the number declared by the caller is present on your ticket, if the primary combination is reached, you must show the number and receive the reward within 3 seconds.
  • Depending on your convenience, you can take part in tournaments from a list of prospective tournaments. You can take part in a total of 5 tournaments.

The Perks Of Playing Digital Version Of Housie Game

There are so many advantages of taubola game online. Have a look at some of them below to know why you too need to give a try to this amazing game.

  • Online games like Taubola is helping the world to tackle the deadly virus effectively by bringing fun and enjoyment in the life of people. Especially, the game is best to pass their unutilized time. Such games encourage the elderly to have good social experiences and also enable them to remain mentally engaged. All this will allow older people to enjoy a better life.
  • The game requires the use of the listening, reading and concentrating ability of a player. Playing Taubola game online, thus, improves these capacities and can delay the likelihood of various problems including memory loss.
  • This game gives you the chance to win prizes, and, there is no one who doesn’t like to get rewarded.


Taubola housie game is for everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re seven year old or seventy, you can play this game, have fun with your friends, and of course the chance to win exciting rewards. What else do you need in this lockdown when a game, totally free of cost can offer these much stuff!

VRK Games is an Indian gaming company in Noida that makes games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, & BlackBerry Mobile App.

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